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Re-homing Ex Military Service Dogs.

In August 2015, we added a new addition to our family. He is a 10 year old ex RAF police dog, if you would like to do the same, please read further.

After visiting the Defence Animal Centre’s stall at a local county fair, we enquired after an older dog, good with other dogs and children and we would love another German Shepherd, a tall order  you might say.

But after roughly a year, we had a phone call out of the blue asking if we were still interested, they had a dog that would be suitable.

Was he good with teenage children? Yes no problems, loves people. Does he like other dogs? Bitches, yes, dogs not so good (lucky ours is female) Older dog? Yes 10 years old. What did he do in service? He’s been helping with training of new recruits and before that a police dog. Ok but Ok with people? Oh yes fine with people.

So of course we were interested and off we went to Melton Mowbray to meet him, with the family and our own dog.

The first meeting went great, a warning growl from ours, a walk and  a chat around the field while they were on their leads and we were heading home with an appointment to meet again next week for the off the lead trial.

We were hopeful that all would be well, so we got new food bowls, collar, tag, lead, you know just in case.

The following week we headed back and wondered with them over to the enclosed area, let them off the lead and they just strolled around taking no notice of each other, the odd sniff but nothing else. Test passed :-)

So after a check with the vet, paperwork signed, food and medication collected, we where off with one extra.

We were warned that he had not lived in a house before, but we have had no problems. He’s well trained and a joy to have. Yes, he is an older dog and therefore does have different needs but he fits in with us just great.

So if you have time in your life for an ex military service dog and you are in the UK, please contact:

   Procurement Section,

   Defence Animal Centre,

   Asfordby Road,   Melton Mowbray,

   Leicestershire, LE13 0HX.

Tel: 01664 418668.

You can register your interest, ask questions and find out which dogs they have available.

Be prepared to visit more than once and wait for a suitable dog.

They do have different breeds, ages and backgrounds.