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Dog Training

Thank you for looking at this dog training page, by doing so you have  shown me that you understand a trained dog is a wonderful companion. Your dog is part of your family and as being so it should be you who train them. Training a dog takes time, patience, commitment and understanding. It also starts as soon as you pick your dog, a puppy is never too young to start and if left could gain some unwanted habits.     


I am here to help you in that process, each dog learns differently and I am a great believer in positive training, encourage the good and ignore the bad (most times - correction is done by voice and never violent).

I train with positive re-enforcement and a stern no if needed. I believe that all dogs are different and learn best when they are motivated, before you start your training you will need to know what makes your dog move, is it a treat? A toy? Praise? A cuddle? Or a click?  


All the training starts in our training ground, this is a safe, secure and peaceful place to learn. We will then move into the local area, Stowe Valley, Caludon Castle Park and the roads surrounding us. This gives you the chance to practice the skills you have learnt in the real world.   

Please note, our training ground is outside and grassy, we will be there in most weathers, including muddy and raining. Please dress appropriately, including your dog, they can be muddy and wet by the time we finish.


Groups will be kept small, giving you the chance to ask questions. All ages and breeds of dogs welcome.

We are looking at the option of family friendly sessions, these sessions would be to help your children be part of training your dog. If you would like to bring your children, please contact me before you attend, you would need to be responsible for both your children and your dog, so normally children under 7 years old would not be allowed. Your children would need to join in with the training, there will be no childcare provision.


I offer 1 to 1 training, this will usually be started in your home, with a get to know you. This can take place before you even get your puppy or dog and is part of the preparation to bring your new family member home. If you have already gained your new dog then we will still start from here.

Classes: ( Currently on hold over the winter )

Continuous Assessment Training, on Thursday Evening’s during term term between 6:30pm & 8pm.

£5 per session

Continuous Assessment is a way of training that allows you to train your dog with guidance from us. When you attend your first session, you will be given a training log, this shows you each command needed for each of our 3 levels, Beginner, Improver & Advanced.

If your dog can already follow a command then that command will be signed off, each command will need to be seen 3 different times to be passed.

We will assist you and show you how to teach the other commands needed, which you will need to practice.

During the sessions we will teach and assess you giving you as much assistance as needed and answer as many of your questions as possible.

Socialisation £5 per session

If you would like to bring your dog to our Thursday session but not take part in our training programme, there will be various agility and flyball equipment for you to try. It would also give you and your dog a chance to mix with other dogs and like minded people.

Other Info.  

Tea, coffee and squash will be provided, you are welcome to bring human treats to share. We will also have bowls of water for your dogs.

Flyball and Agility Sessions

If we get enough interest we will run separate sessions but for the first instance, please contact us to attend a Thursday session first ( See above)

DIY Sessions

If you would like to rent our training ground for the hour to run your dog off the lead in a safe enclosed area, then please get in touch. It would only be available when we are not busy as a member of our team  has to be on site with you.

If you are interested in any of the above classes, please e-mail or call me for more details.

Tel: 07748722634            Enquiries@pawsandwalks.co.uk

Dog Training

One to One



per hour






per session

DIY Sessions


per hour

Plain, enclosed field.

All our classes and sessions are for fun, enjoyment and to give you a chance to build on the relationship you have with your dog.

All classes and sessions will be starting at our training ground,

To the rear of Wyken Community Centre, Ennerdale La, Coventry CV2 5PY,

Please enter via the side car park.

Please bring with you:-

- treats for your dog

- a standard lead suitable for your dog - not retractable.

- Any usual harnesses, halters, coats etc.

- Poo Bags, please clean up after your dog.

Staff hold:-

-  Enhanced DBS’s (formally CRB’s)

- First Aid Certificates ( Animal & Human)

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.” Corey Ford

Unsociable Dogs

If your dog is known to be unsociable either to other dogs or people, we would ask that you obtain and use a plastic cage like muzzle for your dog.

The muzzle is a training aid, by using it you recognise that your dog needs help to combat some problems. During the training we will work through the concerns that your dog has with the aim of removing the muzzle at a suitable time.

Please contact me to discuss your concerns before you attend any sessions.  

All places need to be booked, please contact me in advance of you attending.

Paws and Walks reserve the right to cancel any session or course with out notice.