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Can I book a time slot?

Yes and No.

For the following services a general time slot can be given:-

Peak Dog Walking, Pet Food Delivery, Visits.

For these services a time will be given:-

Pet Taxi / Movers, Pet to Vet, Off Peak Dog Walking.

How do I know you have completed / attended our appointment?

For Dog Walking, Visits and Pet to Vet services we will leave you a report card, so you know we’ve been and what we’ve been up to. If you would like to keep check on our times we can call you from your house phone when we arrive and leave so you know that we are in your house during the times specified. We can also just ring twice so it registers on your mobile with your number but does not interrupt you at work.

For Pet food delivery we would expect to see someone to accept delivery or if included during our services you will see that delivery has been made.

Pet taxi / movers, we would expect to meet you for handover and drop off.

What is your booking procedure?

1. You make contact with us, giving as much details as possible. (We may ask questions, if you have a dog, please enclose a up to date photo. )

2. We will e-mail / send you a quote for the services required.

3. If you are happy with the quote, we will need to arrange a meet and greet.

4. We will confirm booking and send you an invoice.

5. The invoice needs to be paid before the start of your booking

What is your meet and greet session?

This is where you meet us, see us interact with your pets and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions. It also gives us the opportunity to meet you and your pet, to answer any questions and to fill out any paperwork we need. It also gives time to go through any security issues, complete a risk assessment, pass over any keys and make first payment. This is a free no obligation session. If you have a dog(s) or cat(s) and would like to use our services then this session will need to take place before we can accept any bookings. If you would like to use more than one service you only need one meet and greet session. Your pets must be in attendance for the meet and greet session. We will also need a photo of your pet for our records, we can take this during this session or you can e-mail it to us.

What Pets will you accept?

We will accept Dogs (We do not accept Banned UK Dogs, Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero or any variations of them) ,Chickens, Cats, Rabbits, Gerbils, Hamsters and most small furry animals, sorry we don’t accept reptiles. We reserve the right to refuse any animal as we see fit.

My pet has an illness; can we still use your services?

Due to us seeing more than one animal in a day we have to be very careful not to pass on any illnesses or infections. We need as much information you can give us regarding the condition of your pet so we can take the appropriate actions.  We will let you know if we are unable to attend to your pet.

Dog Walking

Do you walk in all weathers?

We walk in most weathers, our policy states that we will not walk in dangerous / unsafe weather. For us dangerous / unsafe weather is generally when there is limited visibility, ( heavy rain, fog, mist or heavy snow), weather that can hurt ( hail stones, heavy wind too hot), Scary ( thunder and lightening ) Also if your dog is showing signs of being unhappy.

We make the decision at the time and place of your booked walk. If we are already walking and the weather changes, we will call the walk short and return to your dog home.

If the weather gives us cause for concern before we leave on the walk, we will give it time to pass and then do a short walk. If this is not possible the walk will be turned into a visit, we will keep the dog company, play in the garden (when safe to do so) and make the most out of the time booked. We will not contact you at the time of the change but will leave you notice on the report card.

What do I need to supply?

Everything that you would generally need when you walk your dog. All dogs must have a collar and a tag with the owners contact details on it, a lead, a harness ( if used), coat (if needed) towels for soggy doggies.

Will you dry my dog after the rain / snow?

Yes, if you have provided the towels, then we will rub them down. Things to take into consideration, if we have been out with your dog, we will be wet too, we cover our boots with protectors when we enter your home but our coats and clothes could be dripping wet too. Unless you have a porch or a undercover back area there is a chance that we will make a mess. We will keep your dog on the lead and keep them as close to the door as possible, we will then use the towels you have provided and try and dry your dog as much as possible within about 15 mins. If your dog has a long coat and is quite big there is a chance that they will not be completely dry when we leave. If you would like us to use wipes, then please supply them.  There is a chance that with the time difference from us leaving to you getting home, after being locked in your home with the heating on our dog  / home could have the soggy doggie smell,  to limit this we can put the used towels straight in the washing machine, we can seal them in a plastic bag, if you leave a mop local we can mop the wet bit of the floor. If snow is on the horizon, please leave out wipes, as the rock salt used on the pavements can affect your dog, so we would wipe their feet and underneath after their walk.  

If you are concerned about your dog being left wet, please supply a dog coat, which will limit how wet they will get. Please let us know where we can hang it to dry.

We do check the area to make sure that we tidy up after ourselves.


What time do you visit?

For 2 visits a day you are normally looking at a am and pm visit and for 1 visit you are looking at between 10am - 2pm ish. If this is unsuitable please tell us your requirements.

Can visits take the place of a pet sitter?

For dogs no, for smaller animals yes.

What is included in a visit?

We will visit your pet for the length of time booked, we can feed, let them out, take them for a short walk, clear up any accidents / clear litter tray / bedding, stay and play with pet, give medicines, pick up post and open and close curtains. If you would like us to do anything else, please let us know.  

Do you charge per pet or per visit?

We charge per visit, so we can accommodate more than one pet, but please do not take advantage. If you have a dog and you just need us to check on them during the day and let them out, then a 30 min visit is enough. If you are away and need us to pop in and clean out cages / litter trays, feed, water, collect post, water plants, open / close curtains, put rabbits in runs and back again then a 1 hour visit in the morning and a 30 min one in the evening will be best. Please time yourself doing everything you will ask of us to get a rough idea on how many visits to book and for how long.  

Pet to Vet

Is this service open to anyone?

Due to the nature of these visits your pets and us need to be comfortable around each other, we insist that a meet and greet session is held before any pet is accepted.

Do you visit any vets?

Please look at our links page to see all the vets we have contacted. If your vets are not mentioned, please e-mail us their details and we will make contact with them and get back to you. We will only take your pet to the vets that you have registered and attended with before.

How will you transport my pet to my vet?

Depending on the distance and time of day, we will use walking, public transport or in our Citroen berlingo.

What appointments will you cover?

We will cover all non-emergency appointments and delivery for surgery but not classes, as we feel that you should be learning along with your pet. We also feel that you should collect your pets from surgery so you get a complete handover and you can ask any questions direct, if this causes a problem, please get in touch and we will see what we can do but there will need to be someone at home to accept your pet.

Will you pay my vet bills?

No, you will have to make arrangements with the surgery direct.

Will you take more than one pet at a time?

Yes, depending on our transport available and the pets.

Can I come with my pets?

For this service we don’t accept adult passengers, please use the Pet Taxi Service.

Who will contact the vets to make the appointments?

If you would like to use this service, please contact us before any appointments are made. We have to meet and greet you and your pet, make sure that your vets will accept our service and that your pet is suitable. We suggest that you do this before you need to.

If you have been accepted to this service, please contact us before you make any appointments so we can let you know our availability. It will be your responsibility to make or cancel any appointments with us and your vet, this is also a good time to sort out payment with your vet and to tell that Paws and Walks will be attending.   

Pet Taxi / Movers

When are you available?

This service is available between 11am - 1pm Monday to Friday term time, most weekends and all day during school holidays.

Do you travel outside the UK?

No, we only travel with in the UK.

Do you have a maximum distance?

We can only travel for 12 hours from pick up to drop off, including breaks. This time must also allow for traffic, accidents, etc, so we can take booking for 10 hours travel. If you know we need a longer amount of time then we can cater for an overnight stay, this depends on your pets.

Please note that we follow EC driving rules and average 1 hour stop every 4 hours. So for a 12 hour trip = 10 hrs driving.

How do you work out costs?

For trips over 40 miles the cost is £1 per mile one way.

For trips less than 40 miles it’s a £10 flat fare plus 40p per mile but the mileage must return us to CV1 5PT.

Do you wait?

If you are planning to return within the hour, then yes, we will wait but a charge will be added. If over the hour then depending where you are you may have to pay for 2 trips. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you charge for an accompanying adult?

Only the owner of the pet is able to accompany their pet while travelling and there is no extra charge for this. But we must be notified before the trip at time of booking.

Delivery of Pet Supplies

Where do you get the pet supplies from?

You have the choice of the following shops:

Pets at Home, Just for Pets, The Range

If you would like another shop, please let us know details.

How much food will you supply?

It depends on how much you require.

What form of payment do you accept?

All orders need to be paid for at the time of placing the order. We accept bank transfer & PayPal, credit and debit cards via PayPal online.

There will be a small extra charge to cover PayPal charges. After you place your order we will invoice you for your order and confirm delivery slot.

When will you be able to deliver?

As we are just starting this service it will only be available for delivery at the weekends, you will be able to pick a 3 hr slot.

What information do I need to give you?

Please click here to see our order form, you will notice the usual contact details and when you would like delivery. You will also notice a big section to fill in with your order. The more information you give us in this section the better chance we have of finding it.

How do I find the information you need for the order form?

The companies we shop at do have websites, but sometimes the items on sale are not the same in the shop and are not the same price. We physically go into the shop and buy what you have ordered, so it is best when you go to the shop and fill the order form in at the same time or from the packets you have brought and your receipts.

Will you supply a substitute?   

Unless you have specified one on the order form then no we will not substitute. We do not have any control over the stock in the shops. We will try and source the same item from a different shop.

Is your delivery charge per order or per shop?

If you’re like us and have different / fussy pets you need to shop around to find the best prices and the food they will eat. Our delivery charge is £5 per shop, so if (for example) you get all your hay and straw from The Range but you get your rabbit food from Pets at Home, then that would be 1 order but 2 shops, so the charge would be £10. This covers us doing you’re running around for you. You may want to consider getting all your supplies from one shop or staggering your shopping and bulk buying at a different shop each week to spread the cost.

When do I have to place my order by?

For delivery at the weekend you need to return your order via e-mail by the Thursday before, this gives us time to invoice you on the Friday and add you to the delivery schedule.  

Will you deliver to an outhouse or shed?

Yes but once we make the delivery we are not responsible for your items. We will need you to sign on your order form accepting responsibility for your goods.

If you have another question not covered by all these, please e-mail us at enquiries@pawsandwalks.co.uk